I first picked up a guitar in 1995 and would go on to work in music full-time from 2000 to 2008, mainly as a bass guitarist. I retired from music in late 2009.

Following on from some bands which played in school assemblies and the like, my first proper band was Kaned & Unable, a nu-metal band which existed from 1999-2004. Kaned & Unable was an extremely young band (I was the oldest member, 18 when we formed) of which big things were expected. We produced multiple EPs – including one produced by Glenn Matlock of the Sex Pistols and funded by Paul Adam (ex-Polydor boss of Popstars series 1 fame) – and toured with some of the biggest bands of the time.

Kaned & Unable

I next joined The Heys, an indie band I played with from 2004-2006. The Heys were fronted by an extremely talented singer/songwriter named Tom Flynn, and first broke through when ex-Creation Records boss Alan McGhee (famous for discovering Oasis) played the band during a guest DJ appearance on Radio 1. The Heys would go on to release their first single, Pressure, in 2004, and their eponymous debut album later that year.

The Heys

After leaving The Heys I next played with Satchel Paige from 2006-2007, an exciting band containing some musicians I’d been friends with for years but had never played with before. Unfortunately Satchel Paige was a short-lived project who produced a single 3-track EP before splitting up. In that time we played support gigs with some of the leading bands of the time, including The Receiving End Of Sirens, Devil Sold His Soul, Exit Ten and Hed PE.

Satchel Paige

The last band I’d be in was Casino Drive, another band containing many friends and peers who formed at the same time as Satchel Paige – in the rehearsal room next door. When Satchel Paige disbanded myself and the drummer, Stephen Evans, joined Casino Drive. I was in the band from November 2008 to November 2009. During that time we recorded a superb 3-track EP with renowned producer, Romesh Dodangoda, played on the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Swindon, and achieved a lifetime dream of mine when we played at Glastonbury Festival.

Casino Drive